The Braddock Heights Community Association (BHCA) promotes and improves the educational, recreational, social and civic betterment of Braddock Heights, MD. It also operates and maintains the BHCA-owned park, pool, and community center complex.

How to Join

BHCA members pay an annual fee to join. Membership is required to join the pool and to rent the facilities. However, members are not required to reside in Braddock Heights, MD.

Officers and Board of Directors

The BHCA is run by volunteers who serve as Officers and Board of Directors. They meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the BHCA Community Center.

The current BHCA Officers are:

President: Mike Cottrell
Vice President: Daryl Happ
Secretary: Jamie Reinhardt
Treasurer: Jodie Koogle

The current BHCA Directors are:

Jacob Bal Karen Koltz
Craig Campbell Jody Koogle
Mike Cottrell Kevin McBride
Daryl Happ  
Janet Ciarkowksi  

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BHCA By-laws

Click below to download the current BHCA by-laws.


All BHCA board members must reside in Braddock Heights, MD according to the governing by-laws. Several important committees meet throughout the month, including:

Pool Committee, Chaired by Michele Thornton

  • Meets 11 months a year, December excluded, at the BHCA Pavilion house, on the second Tuesday evening of each month
  • Maximum of 15 committee members
  • Members who must sit on the Pool Committee are the BHCA President, the BHCA Treasurer and one BHCA board-appointed BHCA board member.
  • The chairperson of the Pool Committee is chosen by majority vote of the Pool Committee members.
  • Responsible for planning and coordinating all activities related to operating the BHCA pool and establishing rules for membership conduct at the pool. Membership processing is key activity for the committee from January to June each year. Major decisions, such as the selection of a pool management contractor, are forwarded to the BHCA Board of Directors for approval.

Finance Committee, Chaired by Jody Koogle, BHCA Treasurer

  • Meets as required.
  • Responsible for developing the annual BHCA budget, and submitting this budget to the BHCA Board of Directors and the General Membership for approval.
  • Responsible for managing the budget through the fiscal year, which runs from Nov. 1 – Oct. 31.

Program Committee, Chaired by Tom Dixon, BHCA Secretary

  • Meets as required.
  • Responsible for planning and coordinating BHCA events including the Spring Sports Parade and Picnic, the Fall Picnic, and the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Property Committee, Chaired by Mike Cottrell, BHCA Director

  • Meets as required.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the BHCA Pool, Community Center, Pavilion and Park.
  • Responsible for coordinating the annual Fall Clean-up and Spring Clean-up events.
  • Facilities coordinator, Karen Klotz, is part of this committee. Karen coordinates member usage of the Community Center and Pavilion, which includes managing the schedule for the Community Center and Pavilion, collecting usage fees, and ensuring members comply with BHCA policies regarding usage of these facilities.

Membership Committee, Chaired by Doug Sims, BHCA Director

  • Meets as required.
  • Responsible for encouraging membership in the BHCA.
  • Sends welcome baskets to new Braddock Heights residents, and welcome letters to new residents in nearby areas.
  • Also sends membership notifications to all non-pool members on an annual basis.

Facilities Utilization Committee, Vacant Chair – Volunteer Wanted! 

  • Contact Doug Sims!
  • Meets as required.
  • Receives and processes requests to rent the Community Center and Pavilion.
  • Schedules maintenance of these facilities, as required.
The Swim Team float at the BHCA Annual Parade/Picnic
The Swim Team float at the BHCA Annual Parade/Picnic