Hie on up to Braddock!

Vintage View of Braddock Heights

Vintage View of Braddock Heights

A century ago, visitors would “Hie on up to Braddock!” to enjoy the mountain resort. Nestled at the southern end of the Catoctin mountain range, today Braddock Heights offers the best of small town living. The community is led by the Braddock Heights Community Association (BHCA) which manages the community pool and facilities. Braddock Heights’ location reveals its easy access to the shops, restaurants and amenities of downtown Frederick as well as the big city attractions of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

Born at the end of the 19th century, Braddock Heights had a rich and interesting history. It was a thriving vacation spot with a trolley system that ferried guests to the many hotels, summer homes, and boarding houses along the crest of Braddock Mountain. Visitors came from far and wide to enjoy the famed amusement park, clear skies, and great views. Over time, the resort closed and Braddock Heights became more residential.

Vintage View of Braddock Hotel

Vintage View of (former) Braddock Hotel

Today, the flavor of the community continues to change as it experiences a wonderful period of revival and restoration. Many of the outstanding historic homes are being restored to their former glory, and Braddock Heights’ residents celebrate its rich history while enjoying the vitality of everyday life on the mountain.

You can learn more about Braddock Heights on Wikipedia.

Vintage View East from Braddock Hotel

Vintage View East from (former) Braddock Hotel

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