Braddock Heights Community Pool Covid-19 Member Safety Plan

Braddock Heights Pool Committee

Will Wood, COVID-19 Point of Contact

June 2020


In the event Braddock Heights Community Association decides and is permitted to open the pool, the following steps will be taken to reduce the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus. Based on the semipublic nature of the swimming pool some risk to the staff and members is to be assumed. It is our goal to have a safe and healthy swim season for our members and guest as well as the RSV staff.

Reservation System

The Membersplash database that is employed for registration has now introduced a reservation system to manage the amount of guests at the pool. The time blocks will be in four hour intervals for busy days (Weekends and Holidays). Lap swimmers will also be able to reserve lanes in 30 minute blocks. Lanes will not be shared. Additionally, there will be designated hours for vulnerable populations. These are 11:00am-12:00pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There will be a 150 person threshold permitted at the pool at any one time. It is on the honor of the member to leave once their reservation is up to allow for other reservations to arrive and enjoy the pool.

Entering and Exiting Pool

Members must don a proper face covering when entering and exiting the pool. Face coverings will be strongly encouraged while on the pool deck and not permitted in the pool as this becomes a safety concern. Reminders while entering the pool will be hung to practice proper hand hygiene and social distancing. If arriving at the same time as other members social distance must be practiced and any line that forms must conform to the 6’ rule reminder markings will be denoted as to what is 6’. By checking in to the pool the member is affirming that there nobody in their party has any COVID-19 symptoms and has not been diagnosed with or come in contact with any infected individuals. This is based on honor.

Exceptions to the social distancing guidance include:

  • Anyone rescuing a distressed swimmer, providing first aid, or performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, with or without an automated external defibrillator.
  • Individuals in the process of evacuating an aquatic venue or entire facility due to an emergency.

When exiting the members will use the gate by the diving well. Mobility impaired and physically infirm may still use the main entrance to exit; however, must be masked and will have to wait for any individuals waiting to enter.

Pool Deck

The pool deck will be devoid of chairs. Social distancing will be practiced and any member not doing so outside of their family unit or social cohort will have the whistle blown if noticed by the guard (similar to running). Members will be responsible for bringing their own chairs. Umbrellas and tables can be reserved. Guests reserving the umbrella and/or table are responsible for bringing their own disinfectant and wiping down the surface before and after use. If the member reserving the table/umbrella forgets their disinfectant the reservation is void and they will not be permitted to use the reserved item. We will use the grassy area on the north side of the Community Center to spread the tables out more in line with the social distancing guidance. No parties will be permitted at the pool this season. No vending will be available this season due to the high touch nature of the machines. The pool deck will also have a directional flow of traffic. If a member or guest is not travelling in the appropriate direction the whistle will be blown.


The CDC notes that there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted through pool water and the very nature of the treatment chemicals are designed to actively kill virus such as Covid-19. While in the pool people should still practice social distancing to the best that is practical. Parents should also inform their children the importance and ensure their child(ren) practices social distancing and do not invade the space of other members/guests. Lap swimming will be permitted one swimmer per lane (unless part of same household) per the aforementioned reservation system. Lap swimmers should return to a normal breathing rate before exiting the pool. If they are unable to do so, a 12’ social distancing must be practiced. It is proposed that an additional lap lane be added to help accommodate lap swimmers. Additionally, adult swim will be limited to every two hours and reduce the high number of children on the deck during that time.


High touch surfaces in the bath house will be cleaned by the guards at a minimum of twice a day with more as time permits. It is recommended that members/guest bring their own cleaners to ensure their own safety and health while using the bathhouse facility.

Communal Items

Communal items will be reduce to the only allowing the kickboards. They will have to be checked out by the guest from the guards. The member will be responsible for disinfecting the kickboard upon receipt of and return to the guard shack. There will be no books, magazines, toys, noodles, or lost and found available this year. Any item left at the pool will be disposed of at the end of the day. Members are requested to be mindful of the things they bring and take everything home upon departure.

High Touch Surfaces around the Pool

Tables and umbrellas will be cleaned by the reserving guest upon arrival and departure. Hand rails of pool stairs/ladders, springboard, slide, and on the deck will be routinely wiped down. Due to the increased exposure to UV light these areas have a lower risk.


Daycares will have to limit their visits to 15 guests during prearranged times. All accommodations to best serve this population will be made in good faith.

Staying Healthy

Staff and members should stay home (for example, if they have any symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19, or were exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days) and should not visit the pool until they can safely end their home isolation. This will be done on the members honor.  As the slogan goes “We are all in this together” and it is necessary for people to REsPECT the health and safety of their community. If anyone exhibits symptoms of Covid-19 they will be politely asked to leave. Coughing that is clearly evident from swallowing water will not be treated as symptoms of infection. Sharing of items such as food, equipment, toys, and supplies with those they don’t live with said member is strongly discouraged. Proper hand hygiene and cough/sneeze etiquette must be followed.


Recognizing that this swim season will be dramatically different than others, it is our hope to open the pool for members to enjoy safely. If we all follow the aforementioned guidance we can greatly reduce the risk to the pool patrons and staff, as well as the potential for spread amongst the community. We as a pool committee strive to serve the members to the fullest and look forward to continuing to do so in the safest manner possible. Therefore, this plan is subject to change with little or no notice.