Facility Rental Policies

Policy on Rule Violations and Property Damage: Security deposits are withheld from renters not only due to property damage but also in event of failure to comply with any of the rentals polices outlined in this contract. The Braddock Heights Community Association (BHCA) has designated facility coordinators who have the sole discretion to determine if renters violate these policies and these coordinators live in the homes nearby to these facilities. Renters are responsible for the behavior of all those attending their events.

Parking, Noise & Trash: These facilities are located centrally in the Braddock Heights neighborhood. Renters may lose their security deposits if their events cause excessive noise. Music must end at both facilities by 9PM. Parking at the Braddock Inn Restaurant or blocking private drives will result in loss of deposit.

Loss of rental privileges: Renters who violate these rules or cause property damage may be prohibited from future facility rentals.

Concurrent Rentals: The BHCA rents both an outdoor pavilion and a community center building. Renting one facility only reserves that facility; if you only reserve one facility you should be aware another group may be using the other concurrently and parking is limited.

Facility Hours: The facilities are available as early as 9AM on rental day. Park pavilion events must end by 9PM, and community center events must end by 10PM. Take down/clean up must end by 9:30PM and 10:30PM respectively.

Pre-Approvals: Renters must submit the Facility Rental Application with this contract, providing a written description of your event. This document must request pre-approval for any outside services and/or apparatus you plan to bring on site for your event. The use of alcohol and the use of the swimming pool by event attendees also both require pre-approval.

Initial Inspection: It is the renter’s responsibility to inspect the rented facility for any property damage on arrival. If you have concerns take photos of it and notify the facility coordinator before your event begins.

Event Set-up: Set up for events is entirely the responsibility of the renter. BHCA facility coordinators are volunteers who do not assist renters in the planning or set up of events, only with compliance to BHCA rules.

Alcohol: If an event is approved for alcohol, but a minor is observed consuming alcohol, the event will be terminated and the renters’ fees and deposits are forfeited.

Cleaning: The facility you rent must be cleaned when you vacate so that the next renter finds it in pristine condition.  Renters must haul away all trash from events. (The BHCA does not have dumpsters.) New liners must be put in all trash cans.  Failure to properly clean and make it ready for the next guest will result in the loss of the renter’s security deposit.

Regulations Specific to Community Center Rentals–

Loss of the security deposit will result from

  • Smoking inside the building
  • Wet bathing suits inside the building
  • Damage or removal of community center furniture
  • Failure to supervise children
  • Failure to clean after event per list below
  • Use of tape, staples, tacks, nails or any other permeant marks on walls, doors, trim, or furniture
  • Damage to ceiling fans from balloon strings
  • Any general destruction of property
  • The sale of food (is prohibited by law)

Loss of the security deposit will result from failure to complete proper cleaning of the community center which includes:

  • Remove all food, furniture or apparatus you brought, and ensure that no water is running in toilets or faucets.
  • Bring clean up supplies, clean entire facility (including kitchen, bathroom, main room, used chairs and tables). You are making the facility ready for the next user.
  • Take ALL TRASH with you when you leave, including trash from bathrooms. Place new liners in all trash cans.
  • Vacuum floors with the vacuum located in the closet where the tables are stored.
  • Clean and return all tables and chairs to the closets where they were found.
  • Turn off lights and leave thermostats set to 70 degrees (mode = cool) in summer and 58 degrees (mode = heat) in winter. Please read instructions that are located on the wall with the thermostats.
  • Lock the facility and drop key in drop box (unless you have made different arrangement with facility coordinator).
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