Rental Procedures

Please understand …

The BHCA is a not for profit community association run entirely by volunteers to make our neighborhood a more enjoyable place. We have no paid staff and most volunteers work full time at other jobs. The money we collect from facility rentals goes 100% into maintaining the facilities. So please-

  • Be patient and polite with us throughout the rental process.
  • Give us several days to respond to all inquires
  • Consider volunteering yourself !!!

Steps to reserving the BHCA facilities-

  • Understand the BHCA rental polices before you proceed. These facilities are centrally located in our historic neighborhood, our rental policies exist to prevent disturbances as well as to preserve our facilities.
  • Contact our facility coordinator  to confirm availability on the date(s) of interest.The BHCA facility coordinator is Nancy Moser:
    • email:
    • cell phone: 240-586-1342
  • Download the rental packet, fill it out and return it to us
    1. A rental application to provide event details & get the required approvals
    2. The lease agreement to legally bind renters to the BHCA rental policies.
  • Payment: On the lease contract choose to either pay by check or credit card.
    • You may submit a check with your rental packet, it will not be cashed unless your event is approved.
    • If you select credit card payment, you will be emailed an invoice with a PayPal link. (Clicking that link takes you to a webpage where you pay by credit card.)
    • Note that your facility is not reserved until payment is received, and payment is required at least 2 weeks prior to  your event.
  • Our facility coordinator will notify you once your event is approved.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I pay with credit card? Yes, credit card payments are accepted.
  2. Can I see the facilities before renting? Yes, contact the BHCA facility coordinator by phone or email (see # 2 above) to see when she can show you the facilities.
  3. Are the facilities available on the dates I need?  Contact the BHCA facility coordinator by phone or email and ask (see # 2 above).
  4. What is the capacity of the BHCA Facilities?  We limit events at the Community Center and Pavilion to parties of 50 or less due to parking limitations
  5. Can I get into the center the night before to set up for my event?   This is possible but not guaranteed because it depends of the schedule of the Facility Coordinator as well as when the previous renter vacated. Make this request on your rental application to maximize your chances.
  6. What is the latest I can be in the community center in the evening?   Because the BHCA Facilities are in a residential area, events must end by 10pm. Take down and clean up must be finished and the premises vacated by 10:30pm—plan accordingly.
  7. Must I clean the facilities after my event?  Yes, specific cleaning requirements are specified in lease agreement which must be followed to secure refund of your deposit.
  8. Can I bring special equipment, apparatus or services that I require to stage my event?  Generally speaking such things are approved, but they require pre-approval which is requested on your rental application.
  9. Can my event attendees use the swimming pool?  This also requires a pre-approval request on your rental application, and pool attendees must be pool members or have paid guest passes from pool members (-Pool usage is not included in facility rental.) Pool usage is discouraged for community center events because wet bathing suits inside the community center results in forfeiture of the renters security deposit.
  10. Can I have alcohol at my event?  You must request pre-approval for alcohol use on your rental application. Alcohol use can not be a focus of your event.
  11. Is the Community Center wheelchair accessible?   Yes there is a wide wheelchair accessible ramp leading into the center and the bathrooms are also wheelchair accessible.
  12. Are tables and chairs provided? Yes, to accommodate up to 50 persons: One large wooden conference table 14’X 3-4’; 8 folding tables at 8’X 30”; one folding table 5’X 28”;   one folding table 4’X 24”; and 50 grey metal folding chairs.

Answers to other questions may be found on the park pavilion and community center web pages, and on the BHCA facility rental policies. As a last resort you may contact the facility coordinator.

The facility coordinator is Nancy Moser:

  • email:
  • cell phone: 240-586 1342
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