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PLEASE NOTE:  We have reached maximum membership capacity for the 2019 season.  If you wish to be put on a wait list for notification for the 2020 registration, please e-mail us at

Read our pool brochure to find out why the Braddock Heights Community Pool is the coolest place to spend your summer.

We have a new On-line Pool Registration System!

The new system is based on accounts for the billing contact (aka Primary Member) who is then one of the members.  Accounts can have multiple members per BHCA Policies – family members, day care provider, day care children.  After completing Account and Member Information, you go to Annual Registration (or click link at top of account page as indicated) to complete your order.   You will need to click a radio button to show the list of members, and check each one you are registering.  You must click the Primary Member.  This also means the the system splits the Primary Member fee between the “Base Pool Membership Fee” and that member’s “Adult” membership fee.

What is the same?  Pay by PayPal or Check.  Discounted Guest Passes.  Free Guest Passes for Early Bird Registration & Payment (6), Referrals (6), New Members (6), Volunteering at BHCA or Pool Committee Clean-up Days (3).  (Guest passes added to your account by Pool Committee Volunteers.)

New Member?  Create your account and register here.

Renewing Member?  Login to your account using your e-mail used to register online previously here.

Notes for renewing members:

  1. The username for your account is the email address you used last year
  2. The temporary password is barracudas. Please change your password once you have logged in
  3. Review your account information and update as needed
  4. Upload photos of everyone covered by your membership
  5. Once you’re done, click the “Make a payment” link
  6. NOTE:  On the payment page, you will need to click on the radio button next to the Annual Membership item to make the list of members appear, and then you will need to select your primary member and any other members you wish to register for 2019. You can also purchase Guest Passes at our discounted rate ($3 each).

If you have problems accessing our registration application, please contact us at

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